Powerfully energizing and delicious, our wild organic Eastern White Pine needles are picked fresh and bagged to order - never dried which reduces oils and nutrients.  We offer both loose needles (for those wishing to prepare their own tea) and pre-made tea bags.  Our fresh & fragrant tea bags may be used two (or even three) times to make multiple cups of delicious aromatic tea.  We use only 100% natural, unbleached paper drawstring tea bags.  Our organic pine needles are hand harvested, hand trimmed and hand packed to provide you with the highest quality tea available.  You will receive our simple instructions for preparing your tea for maximum health benefits.  Maxwell Creek Farm is pleased to offer only the finest organic wild Eastern White Pine needles hand harvested in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

Our needles produce a tea that is nutrient dense with a woodsy aroma and pleasant mild citrus like flavor that warms the soul.  Many people like to make their own blends with our loose needles including mint, hibiscus, lemon/orange peels, ginger, cinnamon, lavender, etc.  A drop or two of honey or a spritz of fresh lemon are also a nice touch.  Our pine needle tea may be enjoyed both hot or cold.



What are the ingredients?
100% East White Pine

What does it taste like?
Our customers frequently describe the flavor as light and citrusy with a woodsy aroma - like a stroll through the forest on a spring morning!

How often should I drink it?
Some customers drink it occasionally, some several times a week and some drink it daily - it's a personal choice.

Should I purchase loose needles or bagged tea?
Again, it's a personal choice:-)  Tea bags offer a convenient way to enjoy while loose needles allow for flexibility in blending.

Will the nutrients change if I add things to my tea?
No, the full spectrum of nutrients will still be available for you - feel free to add any of your favorite flavors.

How many cups of tea can I make per ounce of needles?
Great question!  We recommend using a heaping tablespoon (about 7 grams) of chopped or crushed needles per 6-8 ounce cup of tea.  This will yield about 5 cups of tea per ounce of needles.  When using our alternative method (simmering gently on the stove), you can easily increase that amount to nearly double the yield!

My tea is light in color and flavor - am I doing something wrong?
No - our Pine Needle Tea is naturally light in color and mild in flavor when steeped using the traditional method of pouring boiling water into a cup.  If you prefer a bolder taste, deeper color, and richer aroma, we suggest using our gentle simmering method which will coax more of all that goodness from your loose needles and tea bags.  Detailed instructions are sent with every order.

How fast will I get more order?
We typically ship orders on the next business day.  We offer free standard shipping on most orders (over $25) as well as expedited shipping upgrades.

Do you ship overseas?
Absolutely!  The Pine Needle Tea Shop ships internationally to Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Do you offer trial sizes?
We sure do!  We have trial sizes of 5 & 10 teabags and loose needles starting at 1 ounce.

What is the shelf life of your fresh tea?
When stored properly, you can expect your tea to stay fresh and nutrient rich for up to one full year in the freezer.  Again, detailed storage instructions are included with your order.

Do you offer subscriptions?
Yes, we do offer a convenient subscription service that is flexible and super easy to use.  You can choose your product, size and frequency and modify or pause deliveries at any time.  You'll enjoy 10% off every subscription purchase and never worry about running out!

Do you have a physical store?
No, we do not have a store here at the farm.  We are currently selling online only.

Can I send Pine Needle Tea as a gift to someone?
Of course!  We will ship to your designated recipient and even include a personal gift message from you.  What better way to say you care than to send someone you love a package of healing tea direct from the forest!  Our Pine Needle Tea also makes for a unique gift to show appreciation (teachers & bus drivers, employees, coaches, etc.) or to celebrate special occasions such as a new home, holidays, retirements. etc.

Is there any credible medical research to back up all the health benefit claims of Pine Needle Tea?
We're so glad you asked!  There are many published medical studies discussing the many healing benefits of Pine Needle Tea.  We've gathered a bunch of them HERE and linked to all the studies so you may read all the great information for yourself.

Do you offer an Affiliate Marketing program if I am interested in promoting your Pine Needle Tea to others and earn money doing it?
Yes, we do offer an Affiliate Marketing program.  Click HERE if you are interested in learning more or signing up - we would love to have you as part of team!