Powerfully energizing and delicious, our wild organic Eastern White Pine needles are picked fresh and bagged to order - never dried which reduces oils and nutrients.  We offer both loose needles (for those wishing to prepare their own tea) and pre-made tea bags.  Our fresh & fragrant tea bags may be used two (or even three) times to make multiple cups of delicious aromatic tea.  We use only 100% natural, unbleached paper drawstring tea bags.  Our organic pine needles are hand harvested, hand trimmed and hand packed to provide you with the highest quality tea available.  You will receive our simple instructions for preparing your tea for maximum health benefits.  Maxwell Creek Farm is pleased to offer only the finest organic wild Eastern White Pine needles hand harvested in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

Our needles produce a tea that is nutrient dense with a woodsy aroma and pleasant mild citrus like flavor that warms the soul.  Many people like to make their own blends with our loose needles including mint, hibiscus, lemon/orange peels, ginger, cinnamon, lavender, etc.  A drop or two of honey or a spritz of fresh lemon are also a nice touch.  Our pine needle tea may be enjoyed both hot or cold.