Pine Needle Tea - Fresh Loose White Pine Needles


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Get ready to have your senses awakened as you unwrap your package and breathe in the deep woodsy aroma of our freshly harvested white pine needles - you'll be instantly transported deep into the forest where your healing journey begins!

*Pine needle tea should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women.

Hand harvested fresh daily from our Eastern White pine trees

Every sip drenches your body with a full spectrum of complex nutrients

Light citrusy taste - wonderfully mild on it's own but blends well with your other favorite flavors (honey, lemon, chamomile, ginger, etc.)

Repair & strengthen your body's cells with each delightful cup while boosting your overall immune system - helping you get & stay healthy

Start a totally natural supplement routine with one soothing cup per day!

Traditional Steeping Using Tea Bags

Traditional Steeping Using Tea Bags

This quick and easy traditional method produces a delightful cup of Pine Needle Tea which is naturally light in color and flavor.

Gentle Simmering Loose Needle Tea

Gentle Simmering Loose Needle Tea

If you prefer a bolder taste, deeper color and richer aroma, this method is for you! Will coax more nutrients and flavor from your needles (may also be done with a tea bag).


Thank you so much Kim! I appreciate your help and kindness so much. And above all, thank you for the great service to humanity that you provide - these pine needles, as you know, are healing many, including my family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the healing.
Danielle K.
March 2023

This is my Second order for the fresh 1 lb. package of Pine Needles. It's absolutely delicious and very fresh. They are very prompt in their communication and delivery. They also include care instructions for preserving the freshness of you Pine Needles should it be your first time ordering from them.
Donna C.
February 2023

I was very curious to try pine needle tea; I didn't know what to expect. I love it! A subtle taste. The needles were green and fresh. I asked a question to the company, and they replied right away.
Erin Q.
February 2023

My husband drinks this tea to help with congestion in his lungs and it
works great! Freeze it and use as needed, it will keep a long time.
Melissa L.
(February 2023)

These pine needles are so fresh and fragrant. I steep them directly in my electric tea kettle and they make a gorgeous amber tea. I've combined them with crushed juniper berries and dried jasmine flowers as well and they are complimented nicely by those flavors. Will definitely order gain.
Zoe C.
December 2022

I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product and the care
that was taken to package my fresh pine needles. The pine tea has a
delicate flavor and aroma as described. I am aware of all the benefits
the pine tree delivers and I have ingested it in many forms, however,
this was the first time I have tried pine needles in tea form.
Mother Nature is awesome and so is your company!
Rosalind D.
November 2022