Just a few of our customer testimonials...

Great customer service - my tea was shipped the same day I ordered it!  Came nicely packaged with detailed directions for storing and brewing.  I have had several cups already and enjoy the flavor.  Hoping it keeps me healthy throughout the coming cold/flu season.  Will be buying more for family members as "healthy" holiday gifts!  Stewart F. (September 2022)

Reading about more and more people dying of heart attacks/strokes caused by blood clotting and read several studies that say pine needles have an anticoagulant (sp?) effect on one's blood.  I'm drinking it daily and it has a surprisingly delicate flavor.  Bonus - it is caffeine free, so having a cup before bedtime is becoming an evening ritual! 
Shelley F. (September 2022)

Great product! Love the teabags and flavor! Even my husband drinks one everyday :) 
Lynn B. (August 2022)

I ordered this pine tea because I read that it would give my immune system a much needed boost.  I have had covid twice (tested positive and had mild symptoms first time and in bed for two days second time) and am looking to boost my natural immunity to avoid getting it again.  I chose not to get vaccinated and trust in my natural immunity to overcome this just like any other flu/cold.  Jeremy H. (August 2022)

THIS tea is wonderful! I received it today and couldn’t wait to try it. Taste is GREAT!! The HEALTH and IMMUNITY factors are GREAT!! Exactly what I have been searching for! Please keep providing it. I WILL BE reordering again. Thank you. Barbara B. (August 2022)

Fresh organic pine needle tea made from Eastern White Pines. Full of vitamins, suramin and shikimic acid to help boost your immune system and fight off colds and viruses.  Order pine needle tea in teabag form or as loose pine needles for tea.

So happy to have this natural and health beneficial tea! It’s mild and delicious. Thank you!  Debra M. (August 2022)

Nice flavor and healthy!  Martha Y. (August 2022)

This tea is amazing! I bring a saucepan with water to a boil, and remove from heat, and add two tea bags. Don't lift lid!! I leave for 24 hrs, and it gets an amazing flavor, and darker in color. Will be buying more.  Cathy N. (August 2022)

High quality product. Fast shipping. A++  Geula W. (July 2022)

As a classically trained mystic in a ancient benevolent order and recovering Latter Day Saint I believe I am as ready as possible for the looming food shortage crisis and Societal Collapse brought about by design, by the cruel O’Biden camp. Much Obliged for this staple anti-cancer, which will come in handy during the looming medical tyranny/apocalypse. And best of luck to you, especially if you fell for never-ending boosters of mRNA spike protein gene therapies euphemistically labeled vaccines.  Ozark Hillbilly Mystic (July 2022)

Incredibly fast shipping and the tea is delicious. This is my new favorite tea and I’m looking forward to ordering again. The tea is super fresh and aromatic. Love love love!  Stella N. (July 2022)

Thanks to the medical apartheid and mandating of a highly ineffective and extremely unsafe mRNA spike protein gene therapy we are leaving the occupied state of Colorado for the enlightened Governor in Florida. Shopping is awful in Boulder County when you do not obey and comply with ridiculous rules like ineffective muzzles. So we are much obliged to find some items online so we can get out of the stores and into the mountains for a hike sans muzzles, obedient mesmerized & the shedding vaxxedOzark Mountain Hillbilly (June 2022)

This is the best pine tea I have tried - yummy. Will be buying again. It's like a warm cup of Christmas.  Anonymous (June 2022)

Awesome product, been feeling weird after being around the vaxxed people, and this made me feel better! Neutralize that spike protein everybody is shedding!  CJ C. (June 2022)

Excellent tea!  Carbro S. (May 2022)

This is the first white pine needle tea that I have tried. I bought it to combat the effects of excessive needle proteins. Whether this does that or not it I do not know, but it does have an immediate calming effect.  Fletcher M. (May 2022)

Mmmh! Smells good.  Cheryl B. (April 2022)

I have to say I was very impressed with the freshness of this product. It was clearly picked fresh and shipped quickly, it smelled piney and had a light pine flavor that I did not find with other dried pine needle teas I have tried. They also included brewing and storage suggestions that were very helpful. Excellent customer service and you could not get a fresher product stateside.  Anonymous (April 2022)

This tea bags arrived quickly, beautifully packaged and in pristine condition. The tea bags are quality and the needles smell divine. I placed some in the freezer for storage and keep some in the frig for immediate use. I am using this product for health benefits. It smells so fresh and beautiful when you brew it. As they note, the taste is very mild. Will definitely purchase from this vendor again- quality, product---the care, pride and integrity of the American company is evident.  C. Schiefer (March 2022)

The tea was fresh and taste good. Also the tea bags are good sized! The item exceeded my expectations.  Donna R. (March 2022)

Amazing item as soon as we got sick we tried some and it really worked
thank you so much we will be ordering many more bags of these teas.  Bianca C. (March 2022)

This tea has a delicate, pleasant taste, and was beautifully packaged. A high quality item!  Maria (March 2022)

My tea arrived quickly and was nicely packaged. The seller sent detailed directions for preparations and storage. Very happy with this purchase - will be ordering again. Jake M. (March 2022)

There are many health benefits of pine needle tea but I decided to try it as an expectorant for coughs and for relief of chest congestion. The tea was delivered very quickly with instructions on how to use and store. I found the tea bag to be strong with ample string. After steeping for 15 minutes, the water was somewhat clear and it had a delicate taste of pine. I refilled my tea mug twice with one bag. I did add a touch of stevia but enjoyed it with or without. It worked very well as an expectorant with the first cup! Will order again from Maxwell Creek Farm.  PJ Y. (February 2022)

Quick shipping, nicely packaged, and a lovely fresh scent and taste. Ordering again! Thank you!  Francis K.  (February 2022)

1st thing I have smelled since catching the alpha variant of the Wuhan Lab Virus. (Author disregards 7 months of intermittent olfactory hallucinations). In fact I am using this tea as part of a natural protocol for flushing barium and aluminum from stratospheric aerosol injections and graphene nanoparticles shedding from those who chose to obey and comply gambling on an emergency use only experimental MrNA spike protein gene therapy. Surely this too will be censored in this post 1984 dystopia!!!  Ozark Mountain Hillbilly (January 2022)

Even came with hand written instructions and a thank you!  Lauren S. (January 2022)

Not only are there so many benefits … the flavor is so mild and tasty! You will Enjoy!  Marissa F. (January 2022)

Wow, what a find… Been hearing about all the health benefits of fresh Pine-needle tea (especially eastern white pine) and I decided to try it for myself. Not what I was expecting-it actually has a light, Pleasant flavor. I have tried it both hot and over ice with lemon and enjoy it both ways. It came with detailed instructions for preparing and storing. Shipped immediately and it was fresh! I highly recommend it. Amelia (January 2022)

Fresh organic pine needle tea made from Eastern White Pines. Full of vitamins, suramin and shikimic acid to help boost your immune system and fight off colds and viruses.  Order pine needle tea in teabag form or as loose pine needles for tea.

This tea is delicious! just add a lil honey and its just divine! will be back for more!  Julie M. (January 2022)

Excellent product! We will continue to order this tea from Maxwell Creek Farm. Margaret W. (December 2021)

Outstanding service and product. Seller provided prompt service. The tea is first rate and it is grown and harvested here in the USA. No wondering where it came from. I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Sharon M. (December 2021)

Very satisfied with this tea and it was delivered in perfect condition and in a timely manner.  Sara G. (December 2021)

The very best! All the hard work is done. I’ve placed a second order,
received it swiftly, and recommended this to all my friends.  Lynn B. (December 2021)

Very fast shipping, packaging is lovely and the product is very high quality. I will be a repeat customer! Thanks!  Kathy M. (December 2021)

Wonderful product and beautifully packaged in individual tea bags. My husband and I drink the tea every night. Will definitely be buying again!  Margaret W. (December 2021)

The pine tea is delicious. I love it. Thank you.  Yolanda S. (December 2021)

I'm a repeat-repeat and repeat customer!  Kristine B. (December 2021)

Sent an order of these to my sister and again, excellent customer service — Kim was on it! Order shipped the same day I placed it. Here’s what my sister had to say: “I adored the packaging and could tell the freshness from the smell of the pine needles once I opened the individual tea bags. Very thoughtful way of packaging and appreciated the instructions on how to store. Thank you Maxwell Creek Farm!!  Cass R. (December 2021)

Fast shipping - great tea at good price- will be buying again!  Matt W. (November 2021)

Worth it! Nicely packaged. Fast shipping. Thankful for it!  Michelle C. (November 2021)

It was delicious and it helped with my cold!  Sian L. (November 2021)

Sipping my first cup right now and it’s really good. Packaging was very nice and I love that it was actual tea bags. You also can get two servings from one bag. This will now be a part of my daily routine.  Beth V. (November 2021)

Absolutely wonderful! All the hard work has been done, and done exceptionally well! Needles gathered from trees, cleaned, chopped into very small pieces, and then even measured and placed into tea bags. The cost is pennies more than a dollar a cup. If pine tea really is the antidote for spike proteins, this is one of the best medicines in the world. I’ll buy these forever.  Lynn B. (October 2021)

Fresh organic pine needle tea made from Eastern White Pines. Full of vitamins, suramin and shikimic acid to help boost your immune system and fight off colds and viruses.  Order pine needle tea in teabag form or as loose pine needles for tea.

I appreciate that Kim went out of her way to get the product to me despite mistakes made by the post office.  Joy D. (October 2021)

Excellent product, nicely packaged & Fast Shipping ! Thank you :) A+++  Guy S. (October 2021)

Exactly what I was looking for. The flavor is great and will definitely buy again from this seller. Fast shipping too. Gwyn Z. (October 2021)

I have one every morning and save it in a dish for 2nd cup in the pm - love it!  Bert M. (October 2021)

Quality tea, quality tea bag, quality packaging, expectations exceeded!  Rita (October 2021)

Very fast delivery, great taste!  
Manny F. (October 2021)

Great quality and shipping. Met my expectations and received in a timely manner. Will order again.  Christine L. (October 2021)

This tea tastes like a pine tree smells—delicious! I look forward to the boost it will give my immune system.  Barbara B. (October 2021)

Really grateful for this organization’s top notch customer service and attentiveness. They had my ordered shipped and ready to go w/in hours that same morning!  Cass R. (October 2021)

Tea is delicious! Fresh! I use with just honey and tastes so natural, and feels like nature in a cup! I know the health benefits are great. Thank you so much! I know I will be back for more! :)  Janice I. (October 2021)

Absolutely wonderful! I will be a repeat customer! Great taste, arrived quickly. I had never tried this before - had never heard of it.. but the whole family loves it.  Jamie C. (October 2021)

This was my first time ordering pine needle tea and so I had no idea what to expect. This package of tea bags was absolutely perfect. From the note that came with it, to the beautiful presentation of bags, I could not be happier with my choice to choose this shop. The bags smell just like pine trees and the tea is very fresh.  Leigh C. (September 2021)

Delivered quickly and fresh - will certainly purchase again!  George P. (September 2021)

Fast delivery and high-quality product - super pleased with my purchase and will be ordering again!  Christina T. (September 2021)

Very nicely packaged and smells very fresh!  Arrived fast.  June B. (August 2021)

Fresh organic pine needle tea made from Eastern White Pines. Full of vitamins, suramin and shikimic acid to help boost your immune system and fight off colds and viruses.  Order pine needle tea in teabag form or as loose pine needles for tea.