The Process

Our fresh pine needle tea starts with the Eastern White Pine tree. Harvested from our wild organic trees, we are very selective as to which needles make “the cut”. Our needles are hand chosen and snipped daily for optimum freshness, and to keep the true organic process of making our tea. We use 100% natural, unbleached paper drawstring tea bags to complete the perfectly organic combination. Some may be curious as to how the needles are harvested. Is it sustainable? Is it safe for the tree? Will the tree grow the needles back? Well, the answer to all of those questions is yes! The needles of the pine are actually the tree's leaves.  Our pine needles are harvested by pruning in such a way that allows the tree to heal, bud, and regrow even fuller than before. As we harvest needles, we spread out pruning among an entire grove, so that we are not taking too much from one single tree.

When it comes to bagging our tea, we use 100% natural, unbleached paper drawstring tea bags.  Many others use synthetic materials (nylon, plastics, etc.) that can melt into the actual drink when boiling water is added.  Each tea bag is individually hand filled, weighed and tied off and contains at least 7 grams of fresh pine needles. If you know much about tea you’ll know that’s a generous sized tea bag! Often our clients reuse their tea bags to make a second or third cup bringing even more value.  Each batch is prepared fresh in the morning and shipped out that afternoon to our clients to guarantee a quality product. 

Every aspect of our pine needle tea is handled by our family, and we've shipped and sold over a hundred thousand bags to satisfied customers.  We're responsive to questions, love to hear your feedback and are always looking for ways to improve our service and delivery.  We LOVE our job and appreciate your business!