What is long haul Covid and how can it be treated naturally?
April 05, 2022

What is long haul Covid and how can it be treated naturally?

As per distributed reports and studies including as many as 50,000 patients, 50-80 percent of individuals who have had Covid-19 keep on having side effects three months after the affliction, no matter what the seriousness of the underlying infection and well after blood tests show no infection in the body. For other people, a wide scope of side effects across physical, mental, and emotional scenes last considerably longer. In light of the continuous commonness of Covid-19 infection, we might well see a large number of patients experiencing post-Covid side effects called long haul Covid or long Covid - into the indefinite future.

We've long realized that intense viral infections can leave certain individuals with lasting side effects including exhaustion, shortness of breath, stomach related issues, skin issues, balding, migraines, sore throat, cognitive decline, etc.  With Covid, it's unknown if these side effects will disappear all alone or lead to ongoing impaired physical states.

For some long haul Covid patients, basically feeling heard and accepted is the initial phase in starting the mending system.  Recommendations for treatment may include a variety of strategies depending upon the symptoms presenting in the individual.  Learning all one can about optimal nutrition, including developing an anti-inflammatory, appropriate-for-you diet; correcting any nutritional deficiencies, especially zinc and vitamin D; and investigating and removing food irritants that can cause inflammation throughout the physical and emotional areas would be of benefit for most Covid long haulers.

Other key areas that could prove helpful would be supporting a robust and diverse microbiome, ensuring adequate hydration, encouraging adequate and restful sleep, exercise and boosting the body's natural immune system. 

Pine needle tea helps in several of these areas and serves as an all natural source of vitamins C & A, wild suramin, shikimic acid and powerful antioxidants.  It is also naturally caffeine free, calorie free and assists with hydration.

Disclaimer:  The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice.  Please consult your physician prior to consuming any of our Pine Needle Tea products.  Pregnant or nursing women should not consume Pine Needle Tea.